Foster Care Support Foundation

Foster Care Support is an organization located in Roswell that is open to all basic care per diem Kids in foster care in Georgia including relative foster care and Grands Raising Grands



1) You DO need an appointment to go there.

2) You DO NOT need to be referred by anyone, as long as you have a FOSTER child in your home placed by an agency or DFACS you can request an appointment by email using the form below by following the directions on the top of the form. (after the 72 hour hearing).

3) Your Case Manager does not need to give permission for you to go there.

4) Email and ask them for a form, they will send you the form that fits the season they are working on. Once you fill out the form (you Must click ‘Reply’ first in order for the form to be typed on). I have inserted the form for you to use this time. 

5) When you contact Rachel or Sharon for an appointment, you will be given a date and time according to your request. Once you have been given an appointment, the child’s case manager must verify the child’s case with FCS that they are staying in care and with you.

6) Once the child has their 72 hour hearing you can request an appointment.

7) Distribution days are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and  you choose which day you want to come when you fill out your appointment form.
8) They will help you with clothes, toys and baby items.  They have a select list of items you can get that is determined by the sex, age and development of the child and time of year.

9) Roller Blades or bikes or a large toy like play kitchens or like items are upon availability in addition to the large bag of toys for each child so if you need them, just ask and if they have them, they will bring them out.

10)  Halloween, Christmas clothing, school supplies and backpacks, are also available seasonally without asking.

11)  If you are need a bike, you may not get a large item or rollerblade so that everyone can have something extra. The amount of items you get on a visit are valued at $500 to $1000 if you were to purchase it elsewhere for each child and will consist of an entire seasonal wardrobe.

12) Best of all, it’s FREE!! And you can enjoy caring for your children with much less expense.

13) Foster Care Support is run by minimal staff, many long time volunteers (5000 per year)  and no government funding. It is funded by our Georgia communities.

If you would like to receive future emails about trainings and future appointment opportunities please ask the staff to add you to their email list.