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Protocol for Medical Injuries/Illness for Children Placed in Foster Homes or Relative Placements

In an effort to further ensure the safety, health and well-being of children in DFCS custody the following document has been prepared.  Please keep it on hand and follow when children placed in your home experience injuries or illness.
In cases of extreme emergencies which place the child in life or death circumstances, ALWAYS CALL 911 and follow up with DFCS as soon as possible.  Do not wait until the next business day to notify the case manager, report incidents as soon as possible. If you need to discuss a medical issue/injury and the case manager is unavailable consider calling or e-mailing the case manager’s supervisor, the RD case manager or the RD supervisor, or the After Hours Unit at 770-499-3911.
When should a Foster Parent seek medical attention for a child placed in the home? This matter requires that a foster parent continuously assess the condition of the child.  The suggestions below cover some areas, but are not an exhaustive list.  Foster parents should consult with the child’s physician and/or case manager whenever there are questions/concerns regarding the child’s health.
1)    Anytime there is evidence of a broken bone or fracture
2)    Anytime the child loses consciousness
3)    Anytime the child has a severe burn
4)    Anytime the child has bleeding that does not stop despite use of applied pressure.
5)    Anytime the child has a complaint of headache or body ache after a fall
6)    Anytime the child has a temperature which exceeds normal.
7)    Anytime the child has any other conditions which cause the foster parent concern.
What needs to be reported to DFCS? 
1)    Every trip to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care Center. A phone call message or e-mail to the child’s case manager is acceptable. If life threatening conditions exist the hospital personnel will provide treatment.  At the first opportunity the Foster Parent should call the child’s case manager or send e-mail.   If the emergency occurs after hours, on weekends, holidays or furlough please alert Cobb County DFCS After Hours staff as soon as possible by calling 770-499-3911.
2)    Every medical appointment should be reported to the child’s case manager. A phone call message or e-mail is acceptable.  Please obtain records of the visit which shows the diagnosis and any prescribed medications and provide that information to the case manager as soon as possible.
3)    Every injury which results in a mark on a child should be reported to the child’s case manager such as a bruise, scratch, cut, abrasion, burn, or certainly evidence of a broken bone.
4)    Any allergic reaction experienced by the child should be reported to the child’s case manager.  This could be a reaction to medication, food, insects, environmental factors such as grass, pollen, smoke, pollution, etc.  A phone call or e-mail to the child’s case manager is acceptable.
5)    Any significant fall from a bed, a bike, a tree house or other type structure, a swing set, a high chair, etc should be reported to the child’s case manager.  A phone call or e-mail to the child’s case manager is acceptable.
*When should a Foster Parent notify a Birth Parent of medical issues/injuries? In keeping with the Partnership Parenting/Shared Parenting philosophy please consider the following:
1)    Notify the Birth Parent any time there is a scheduled medical appointment. This should be done as far ahead as possible so the birth parent can make plans to attend the appointment.  Consider calling the birth parent first to coordinate schedules if possible.
2)    Any time there is an Emergency Room or Urgent Care Visit. The child’s condition is of utmost importance.  Notify the birth parent as soon as possible.
3)    Notify the Birth Parent any time the child has a significant mark as described above.      
*If you do not currently have a working relationship with the birth parent, please continue to notify the child’s case manager by phone or e-mail as soon as possible after the event occurs.